7 Sure Shot Foods for Fighting Hair Problems

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Admit it! There are a number of women who have to deal with a nightmare in managing their hair. Hair fall, hair graying, hair thinning, and the list of hair related problems seem to be endless. But before we rush to the parlor (that’s the first thing most of us do, whenever there is some […]

Pose for Rocking Group Portraits the Right Way

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How many times have you looked at your high school group portrait and smiled to yourself thinking of the many memories? Group portraits are indeed priceless and so I feel that you must pose for it in the appropriate manner, so that they become more picture perfect. I cannot wait to share these tips with […]

5 Wonderful Tips for a Wonderful Smile

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Now is the time for selfies and immediate sharing of photos, hence a smile that is always ready for the camera greatly pays off. I assure you, there’s absolutely no need to become a celebrity in order to don a glowing grin. Allow me to discuss some awesome tips that will help you get pictures […]

Cool Salads That Wonderfully Complement Your Summer Meals

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I am delighted to share this with you since I have been a lover of different salads since my childhood. Prepare these salads and have them with your summer meals. You will have a lovely meal, I bet! Spinach-Chopped Grape Salad Chopped salads have become very fashionable nowadays. This irresistible dish is very light as […]

The Top Secrets for a More Photogenic You

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I used to watch Miss World and Miss Universe contests and the moment when somebody got the Photogenic face award, saw myself in the mirror and used to frown. Well, come on, I think I am not the only one to do this. How many of us have yearned for that appealing and attractive photogenic […]