Many moms are pursuing a career and the number is increasing with every passing day. I know that working and caring for the family simultaneously can bring in a lot of strain, more so, when you are a single parent. Here’s my effort to make cooking easier for busy working moms. Hope you would find it helpful.

Purchase a crock pot
If you quickly want a healthy meal, crock pots are the way to go. Prior to going out for work, all you need to do is put all the ingredients within the crock pot and set the time according to your stay outside. The crock pot will responsibly cook everything for you, especially if you wish to prepare soups or chilies. You can also cook something in the pot and then pour it over noodles or rice. In fact, the possibilities have no limits.

Crock pots can hold a large quantity of food, so cooking for a lot of people can be done at a time. On the whole, I have seen that it offers great return on investment.

Make plans beforehand
I feel that a busy mom should always plan ahead; otherwise there would be no ideas at the week’s middle for meals. The first thing to do is to make a quick calculation as to how many meals are required on a particular week. Secondly, prepare a list of the ingredients required for the meals. You can make it faster by selecting meals that contain similar ingredients. Then the time comes to prepare the ingredients. For instance, if the meals require chopped vegetables, chop them in advance and store carefully. So, when you need to cook the actual meals, all you are required to do is simply throw in the items.

Prepare freezer bag meals
This is one of the easiest things to do! The freezer bag meals are also perfect if you are using a crock pot. What makes them a dear friend of busy moms is that they can be purchased in bulk and everything can be prepared simultaneously, and you will have meals that will last for a considerably long period of time. Compared to frozen boxed dinner, they are healthier, but you have to make sure that they are properly sealed.

Collect recipes
You might ask me why. Well, there are times, when we come across a mouthwatering recipe in the magazine at the grocery store and promise ourselves that we will definitely make it, only to forget. This will not be a problem again if you start collecting recipes. You can easily do it if you have a smart phone, wherein you can just capture the recipe as an image or make use of the notes section.
Recipe collection is indeed a great idea because you can break free from the boredom of having the same meals every week. After collecting the recipes, store them in a proper place, so that there is no problem in finding them when you require.

Manage leftovers tactfully
If you are cooking on a tight schedule, here is your scope for applying some real strategy. As you make plans for quick meals, it is best to try something that will act as good leftovers. Once the planning is right, new meals can even be prepared by using the leftovers. Believe me; your kids would never get any hint! Truly, if utilized properly, leftovers can bail you out by saving adequate amount of money, time and effort.

Be a cool strategy maker
I have already told you how preparing meals with similar items can help you. Another strategy is to choose a proper order for the meals you would be preparing. For instance, if you are planning for two or three large meals, distribute them somewhat evenly across the week. In this way, the leftover can be effectively used to prepare other meals.

Pack lunches the previous night
I know, working moms often have to work hard to squeeze out time for some extra sleep. Packing lunches beforehand at night will give you some opportunity to sleep a bit more in the morning. To save more time you can even rope in your kids. Ask them to pick up from amongst snacks that you have already approved, so that you can concentrate more on the main course.