They say that a woman always carries the world with her. Well, I do not have much objection to this. Yes, I love carrying my world even when I travel because there’s no substitute for being prepared to face every situation. My years of traveling have taught me to keep certain things always ready with me, and I would love to share them with you here.

Small emergency kit
If you are a cautious traveler like me and would like to keep emergency stuff handy rather than buying it on the spot or asking it from somebody else, then this kit is just the right one for you. My brother bought me an emergency kit three years ago and I always carry it wherever I travel. In the kit I keep a number of helpful items such as stain remover, breath drops, mini sewing kit, stain remover and much more. Always carry this kit as you travel and keep yourself prepared.

Blanket or scarf
This is especially important if you are travelling by plane, because you never know when the AC will be on high. And if you are a person like me, who cannot tolerate much of chillness, then well, you have to make your own arrangements. I always wear a blanket or a scarf which keeps me warm during the flight, whenever the ambience is too chill for me to stand. If by chance the temperature within the plane is great throughout, you can use the blanket for some additional cushioning.

Travel map app
Why not take the advantage of technology when it is there at the tips of your fingers? Your tablet or phone will have different map apps that will help you find your way within the destination city. I have tried out Citymapper and City Maps 2Go which are great options. I especially like City Maps 2Go because even if I find myself in a wifi dead zone, I can make use of offline maps.

Journal or notebook
One of my best friends gave me this idea when she visited Italy some years back. If you keep a paper journal ready with you for recording daily activities, the names of towns, cities or stores you visited can be easily noted down. In this way, it will be convenient for you when you visit these places again. You can also give recommendation to your friends, family members or acquaintances when they visit these places.

Phone battery extender
It goes without saying that almost all modern travelers use their phone a lot, be it for talking, or the camera or the maps. So, it would indeed be wonderful if you can carry a portable battery extender or solar charger along with you as you embark on your journey. Based upon the phone you are using, there are a range of options available. All you need to do is carry out some online research regarding the most effective options against your phone model. As you are on the go, you might require that additional battery time at any instance, so it would be wise to keep yourself prepared.

Passport holder
I am not saying that this is mandatory and you cannot do without it, but it is always cool to add a luxurious touch to your travel. Either you can make your own unique passport holder following DIY instructions or you can buy leather ones that come with pockets, wherein you can also keep your credit or debit cards.

Laundry bag
I know we girls are very particular about this matter. Keep nice looking laundry bags with you so that you can separate the dirty laundry from the clean ones. You can also keep a big bag for all the dirty clothes and another bag for the shoes. This will help you to keep you possessions intact and clean. I once had a very bad experience when I carried all in the same bag and just mingled up the dirty clothes with the clean ones. There was a lot of confusion!

Converter or adaptor
This is needed if you are planning for overseas travel; because that ensures that you can simply plug-in whatever you like. I know it’s pretty confusing to select the right adaptor; it would be good to go with a 4 in 1 adaptor so that all the adaptor bases are covered. Just imagine yourself running about for an adaptor, just because you are unable to use your laptop or charge any other electronic item! Nightmare, isn’t it?

Luggage tracker
This is a brilliant gadget for tech savvy women and also those who worry excessively (like me!) about their luggage during traveling. Before starting off, simply charge the locator disk and place it within the suitcase. In case you lose your bag or it is stolen, you would be able to track its exact whereabouts with the help of a mobile app.

Travel sleep machine
Are you a light sleeper? Then this machine is a must have for you. It will enable you to dampen out all foreign sounds including hotel noise, so that you have a sound sleep at night while you are on the go. Your tablet or phone also offers the facility to get the white noise machine apps downloaded.

Toiletries bag
Now for a lady that’s a secret weapon, because without that she would feel that she doesn’t belong anywhere. You can push in a whole lot of things in the bag- makeup products, fashion jewelry, hair care items, shaving cream, and what not!