When I say this, you might find it a bit weird, but yes, it is true that a number of young working women face a lot of challenges in selecting the right makeup that would make them look professional and competent. For all those who are thinking why so many worries about makeup let me tell you this- Studies have proved that women wearing makeup to the office have more chances of promotion. Given this, the major trick of official makeup is to find yourself a look that boosts your beauty naturally.
Most people are against a striking look in the workplace, but that does not imply that you cannot stand out with your makeup if you wish to. I know many successful women who have used their makeup as a very strong prop, be it with expressive eyes or bright lips. So, I feel there’s nothing wrong with it unless you portray something too gaudy! Here’s sharing some common tips for an official makeup that speak out.

  • Keep all your worries at bay and have a good night’s sleep. Believe me, this does reflect on your appearance! Clean your face thoroughly with a quality face wash on a daily basis. This will nourish your skin and keep it healthy. Again, if you have blemishes or pores on your skin like me, it would do you good to apply a beauty balm or primer. This makes room for proper application of the foundation.

    When you are applying foundation, select one that is in line with your skin tone and mixes up easily. I am particularly choosy about the right shade because something that doesn’t gel well with the skin tone will make me look weird. If you want to opt for that little extra with your makeup, apply blushes on your cheeks, but remember excessive blush will make you look like a clown rather than a corporate professional!

  • Apply the ‘less is more’ principle when applying eye makeup. The eyeliner should be subtle and thin, while the eye shadow needs to be neutral or earthy. You can use mascara in order to make your eyes prominent, but remember to stay away from smearing or flaking- or else the look would appear cheap. When you are in office, it is all the more important to combat oil and sweat in order to maintain your professional look. To deal with this problem, use waterproof eye makeup of good quality.
  • Some matte nail polish would do for an office environment. But the most important thing is that your nails should be clean. I need not tell you that dirty fingernails or chipped nail polish is an immediate turn-off, whether you are meeting your boss, your colleagues or clients.
  • Your eyebrows can also go a long way in making or breaking your professional getup. Maintain a clean brow that has a well-defined shape, devoid of any stray hairs. This will make your eyes look more expressive.
  • Last but not the least, white teeth that flashes a bright smile says it all. There are a number of oral hygienic products and whitening strips available that can brighten up your smile.