Someone said that fruits constitute one of the best medicines on earth. True indeed! If you serve yourself to a cup of fruit juice on a daily basis, it will definitely go a long way in helping you get a clear complexion. Fruit facials are there for around a decade and I have seen a number of my friends, acquaintances and family members try out these facials. But as we are getting more and more conscious about the harm that chemicals can do to our skin, it is time to find out something from your own kitchen. It would definitely be great if you can pamper your skin by using facials made from pure ingredients which have no ill effects on the skin.

After advice from elders, friends and even experimenting on my own, I have tried out certain fruits with great success. These fruits not only rejuvenate and moisturize the skin, but also emit smells that are quite de-stressing. Compared to chemical beauty treatments, fruits score high because they are cost-effective and also have the natural capability of creating a visible difference. Try out these wonderful fruits to find out what suits your most perfectly, and then continue with that!

You must be aware that there are quite a lot of recipes that make use of lemon juice. Lemon can be found throughout the year and you can easily stock it in the refrigerator or the kitchen shelf. The Vitamin C content of the lemon juice helps in enhancing the beauty of the skin. If you have one glass of warm water with a small amount of lemon juice and honey daily in the morning when your stomach is empty, it acts as a wonderful skin cleanser.

The astringent properties of lemon can diminish acne scars and lighten the skin tone. In order to remove dark spots on your elbow, you can take a lemon peel and rub its interior portion. You can even naturally bleach your skin by using a mixture of honey and lemon.

More or less, banana can also be obtained all through the year. And it’s pretty general knowledge that banana is a great source of potassium, magnesium and iron and is quite efficient in bringing down menstrual cramps. We also cannot ignore the impact that banana has on the skin. Since bananas are loaded with Vitamin A, B and E, they have good anti-aging properties. A facial with freshly mashed banana can boost the glow of the skin wonderfully.

I won’t bore you with “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but you would definitely agree with me when I say that apple has myriads of health benefits. The antioxidant characteristics of apple trigger the prevention of tissue and cell damage. The other day I was going through a study conducted by nutritionists, and came to know that apples contain generous amount of collagen and elastin which make your skin look younger. If you are looking for an effective exfoliating mask to apply over your skin, try out a combination of mashed apple, oatmeal, rose water and honey.

You already know that Vitamin C enriches skin texture and oranges have an ample amount of this vitamin. Orange also has collagen that slows down the pace of skin aging. In order to tighten the skin, rub the interior of oranges. You can also make a natural scrub with dried and powdered oranges. These fruits can also help in eliminating blemishes on the skin.

This fruit not only scores high on taste but also brings in numerous health benefits. Loaded with vitamin A as well as antioxidants, this soft pulpy fruit combats skin aging through regeneration of skin cells and restoration of skin elasticity.

Our elders and ancestors have probably talked a lot about the numerous benefits that this fruit has on the skin. Considerably rich in antioxidants, papaya contains papain, a special enzyme that has the capability of curing skin impurities by killing dead cells. You can simply apply the flesh of papaya, and see the remarkable difference in your skin.

So, next time you think of having a facial, peep inside your kitchen, and you will surely get one or more of these fruits, with which to pamper your skin.