I used to watch Miss World and Miss Universe contests and the moment when somebody got the Photogenic face award, saw myself in the mirror and used to frown. Well, come on, I think I am not the only one to do this. How many of us have yearned for that appealing and attractive photogenic getup that would make for a perfect snap. Over the years, I have taken advice from photographers, models and even beauticians, and here are some awesome guidelines that I came up with.

Do away with closed eyes
Ask the photographer to count down before the actual click. The best trick is to keep the eyes closed till just prior to the photographing moment. Then open the eyes along with a gorgeous smile.
Learn the reason behind your bad looks in photos
Go through your snaps that have been taken in the past. There will definitely be ones that you like as well as those which you do not like. So peruse carefully and try to search for a pattern. One of the common things is that we tend to get at least a bit nervous when we are snapped. So, it is best to plan ahead.

Beautify your lashes
I am not a makeup professional, but my experience tells me that beautiful eyelashes do make for great snaps. Open up the eyes through application of good amount of mascara. Ensure that this application is the last thing in your makeup schedule, so you will have a bold, clean finish.

Rehearse that dazzling red-carpet pose
You must have seen celebrities walk the red carpet with so much of body language. Why not practice that yourself, in order to make a great snap? You may try out styles like tilting your body or holding one side of the hip tight with your hand.

Make sure that the head is up
If you keep the head up, you can avoid double chins and awkward angles. In order to keep the chin up, the best thing to do is to focus on a particular point that is somewhat above and beyond the camera, rather than focusing directly at the camera.

Get a prop
I hope you understand what I mean by this. Do not give yourself a headache in order to search for a sophisticated prop. Anything will do; a flower, a glass a handbag or a showpiece, you simply need to hold it so that when you pose, you do not appear uncomfortable.

Take shots from above
If the camera is positioned at even a little angle above, it does work wonders! I won’t say that trying out a selfie is the best thing to do, but by going for a selfie, you would be able to comprehend the most appropriate angle for your getup.

Make your brows prominent
By opting for slightly darker brows, you can save your face from going pale. Moreover, believe it or not, darker brows convey loads of emotion. That’s enough spice to make you photogenic!

Go for minimal shine
Keep the shine in the photo minimal by using some matte powder over your face. It might be lucrative, but be strong enough to avoid minerals and sparkles, because this will not give you the much aspired even-toned look. And if you find that something is about to go wrong at the last moment, do not panic, but quickly make use of a blotting paper.

Pour in some color
Colors are always good, be it in your life or in your getup. Add some color to the eyelids or the cheeks; this will help to make your facial features prominent and ready for that perfect click.

White wall background
If you have been browsing clothing and fashion websites lately, you must have seen that their models are pictured against white backgrounds. Posing against a white backdrop will make your makeup and hair color pop. It will also help the camera in arriving at the appropriate color balance to bring in the perfect shade in the snap.

You do not have to be flawlessly beautiful to get that photogenic appearance you always wanted to. By choosing some of the best strategies, you can indeed have the best photogenic snaps at your fingertips!