Now is the time for selfies and immediate sharing of photos, hence a smile that is always ready for the camera greatly pays off. I assure you, there’s absolutely no need to become a celebrity in order to don a glowing grin. Allow me to discuss some awesome tips that will help you get pictures you would love to share.

Get natural
When the time comes for posing for a snap, put on a gentle smile. In this way, you can make your face appear relaxed. The mouth slightly opens while the lower lips fits in line with the curve of the upper teeth.

Remember not to flash a quick smile. By quick smile, I mean the one that all of a sudden fills your face when you meet an old acquaintance. This kind of smile makes your neck muscles tense and your eyes squint. If you are snapped with such a smile, the outcome will be an awkward looking photo.

Stand up erect

Have you seen any double chin in your photo? Your smile might sometimes give that double chin appearance. If such is the case, be careful about your posture. If you are slouching or there is too much forward bending of the head, the smile will not look good.

The best pose to avoid double chin is to turn the head a little bit and drop the chin to ensure that the face and the camera do not form a complete square.

Always keep lipstick handy
Ladies, you must make lipstick your bosom friend, because as we all know “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. Select a lipstick that matches your skin tone. The appropriate shade goes a long way in making the teeth appear whiter.

Shades such as rosy pink, plum, berry, wine and cherry red are the most appropriate. If your teeth have yellow stains, there is a solution for that too- use pink-based or blue-based undertones.
The inappropriate color will not add appeal to your smile. Do not go for the ones that are excessively red or dark.

Check your gums and teeth
Some homework prior to the actual shot helps is getting a camera-friendly smile. For yellow teeth, you may ask assistance from a dentist or try out any good quality whitening product. If you have missing, broken or cracked teeth, you may need to spend some time with the dentist.

Make sure that your gums are being properly cared for, because they have a vital role to play in producing an appealing smile. Keep them healthy by brushing and rinsing with a medicated mouthwash on a daily basis.

Practice for that perfect shot
This is particularly necessary when you have any big event, such as a graduation, a conference or a wedding, drawing closer. The perfect grin may not appear on your face overnight, so practice the smile with a mirror in front.

Try out different variations and see how it looks. You may proudly hold back the shoulders and pose with a natural smile. Find out the best angle and arrive at your best smile.