Admit it! There are a number of women who have to deal with a nightmare in managing their hair. Hair fall, hair graying, hair thinning, and the list of hair related problems seem to be endless. But before we rush to the parlor (that’s the first thing most of us do, whenever there is some hair problem) or get expert advice, let us first take a look at our own kitchen. There are certain foods which score high on hair loss prevention. Let us take a look at 7 of these. I found these extremely effective, now it’s your turn!

These are great for combating hair loss. The oils present in walnuts enrich the elastin present in our hair, thereby enhancing the hair growth rate. If there is a lack of enough oils in our body, the hair will begin to snap. But do not fill yourself with an overdose of these nuts, because that will make the hair thin and dull.

Iron deficiency is one of the main causes of hair loss, but the good news is that it is quite easy to treat iron deficiency. In your diet include spinach, which is loaded with iron as well as Vitamin C, folate and beta carotene. This will maintain the hair follicles in a healthy state and also help in proper circulation of the scalp oils.

A deficiency of magnesium in the body can lead to hair fall. To prevent hair loss and promote growth of hair, your body needs adequate amount of magnesium. Halibut and certain other kinds of fish have plenty of mineral content.

It is not simply that bunny thing! Carrots have a lot of benefits for the human body. This vegetable has loads of beta carotene, which is converted by the body into vitamin A that is responsible for producing ample amount of scalp sustaining oils.

Bok Choy
I got to know this from a hair loss expert. She told me that when dermatologists treat conditions such as hair fall or hair loss, they mainly evaluate the ferritin levels, in order to detect whether the iron in the body is at optimum level. This is largely associated with the health of your hair. If you eat bok choy, which has good amount of iron content, your ferritin levels will rise. I do not like its taste, but believe me, it has helped me amazingly in preventing hair loss.

Greek Yogurt
Do you make hair mask recipes at home? Then you must know about Greek yogurt. Apart from being a generally healthy food, it can help you brilliantly in managing your hair. The low fat version of this yogurt is rich in Vitamin D and Vitamin B5 which is linked to the health of hair follicles.

Eggs have always been known to contain important nutrients for the hair, especially Vitamin D. If you have one egg daily (make sure to have the whole egg and not part of it), you will definitely see a remarkable difference in hair growth and hair texture within a period of time.