7 Sure Shot Foods for Fighting Hair Problems

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Admit it! There are a number of women who have to deal with a nightmare in managing their hair. Hair fall, hair graying, hair thinning, and the list of hair related problems seem to be endless. But before we rush to the parlor (that’s the first thing most of us do, whenever there is some […]

Cool Salads That Wonderfully Complement Your Summer Meals

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I am delighted to share this with you since I have been a lover of different salads since my childhood. Prepare these salads and have them with your summer meals. You will have a lovely meal, I bet! Spinach-Chopped Grape Salad Chopped salads have become very fashionable nowadays. This irresistible dish is very light as […]

6 Fruits That Can Work Wonders on Your Skin

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Someone said that fruits constitute one of the best medicines on earth. True indeed! If you serve yourself to a cup of fruit juice on a daily basis, it will definitely go a long way in helping you get a clear complexion. Fruit facials are there for around a decade and I have seen a […]

Diabetic-friendly Dishes That Would Soothe Your Appetite

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Recently my mother was diagnosed with diabetes. Being a great food lover her world seemed to turn upside down with the thought of having to take tasteless low-sugar, low-carb meals. But while researching and experimenting with recipes for her, I found out that the notion that all diabetic-friendly foods are tasteless is absolutely wrong. Try […]

Making Cooking Easier for Busy Working Moms

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Many moms are pursuing a career and the number is increasing with every passing day. I know that working and caring for the family simultaneously can bring in a lot of strain, more so, when you are a single parent. Here’s my effort to make cooking easier for busy working moms. Hope you would find […]