6 Fruits That Can Work Wonders on Your Skin

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Someone said that fruits constitute one of the best medicines on earth. True indeed! If you serve yourself to a cup of fruit juice on a daily basis, it will definitely go a long way in helping you get a clear complexion. Fruit facials are there for around a decade and I have seen a […]

The Smartest Tips for the Perfect Office Makeup

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When I say this, you might find it a bit weird, but yes, it is true that a number of young working women face a lot of challenges in selecting the right makeup that would make them look professional and competent. For all those who are thinking why so many worries about makeup let me […]

Quick Tips for the Smartest Landscape Shots

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Almost every one of us has taken some or the other landscape shots at some point of time. But how about breaking free from mundane shots and pouring some freshness in the images you capture? Here are some tips which have helped me amazingly in improving my landscape photography skills, and I am sure they […]

Reminding You of 8 Things for Last Minute Packing

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Going on a vacation is all the more wonderful when everything falls into place. There are in fact three things that should be on your vacation list- things to do prior to leaving, stuff to purchase and things you must remember to pack. Allow me to share my list with you! Toothbrush Just imagine discovering […]