Diabetic-friendly Dishes That Would Soothe Your Appetite

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Recently my mother was diagnosed with diabetes. Being a great food lover her world seemed to turn upside down with the thought of having to take tasteless low-sugar, low-carb meals. But while researching and experimenting with recipes for her, I found out that the notion that all diabetic-friendly foods are tasteless is absolutely wrong. Try […]

The Top Things Every Traveling Lady Must Carry

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They say that a woman always carries the world with her. Well, I do not have much objection to this. Yes, I love carrying my world even when I travel because there’s no substitute for being prepared to face every situation. My years of traveling have taught me to keep certain things always ready with […]

Making Cooking Easier for Busy Working Moms

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Many moms are pursuing a career and the number is increasing with every passing day. I know that working and caring for the family simultaneously can bring in a lot of strain, more so, when you are a single parent. Here’s my effort to make cooking easier for busy working moms. Hope you would find […]